Grand Goave is one of the oldest cities in Haiti, and was named Goâve by the pre-colonial inhabitants, the Amerindians. The Spanish called it Aguava at the end of the 16th century. The city is located a few miles west of Port au Prince along the north coast of the southern peninsula. The devastating earthquake of 2010 damaged up to 90 percent of the town.

In 2008, Lex and Renee Edme (Mission of Hope), were given the task of caring for thirty-one orphaned children by the Haitian government. Mission of Hope, not having a facility or programs to care for orphans, reached out to Hands and Feet Project and a much needed, temporary partnership was formed. A temporary home was built on the the campus of Mission of Hope in Grand Goave, which was subsequently damaged during the earthquake.

A permanent Children’s Village has been constructed in Thozin, on a property situated along side the main road from Port au Prince. The new village is a beautiful and functional setting for the growing Hands and Feet Project family. Our Haitian and American staff strive to provide a healthy, loving, family-style environment for children in crisis.

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